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Paysend Bonus Program allows you to share financial benefits with your friends and receive £1, 1.50€ or $2 in bonuses, depending on your country of residence, from each transfer made by the invited friend.

Bonuses are received for each of 12 transfers made by a friend you have invited (starting from the second transfer) within the first 12 months of their registration with Paysend for a total of up to £12, 18€ or $24 in bonuses.

If, for example, you invite 10 new users to PaySend, you would receive up to £120, 180€ or $240 value in bonuses. In our experience, an average user completes at least two funded transfers per month, and you are most likely to receive the above amounts within six months after your invited friend’s registration with PaySend.

How do I join the ‘Refer A Friend’ Programme

Register an account with PaySend.com – it’s fast and easy and there are no monthly charges.

Once registered, you can go to “PaySend Bonus” section in your personal account. You can find there a unique ‘Invitation Code’ for your account only, it never expires and all your friends can use it.

Already a PaySend client? Login and select ’PaySend Bonus’ in the menu.

Friends ‘Refer A Friend’ benefits

• Each of your invited friends who uses the invite code when making a transfer, will get a fee waiver (for their first successful transfer)

• The fee is returned to the clients ‘Paysend Bonus’ Account for any domestic or international transfer

Your ‘Refer A Friend’ benefits

• Get the 12 transfer fees in bonuses (starting from the second transfer) for every friend you refer during their first 12 months with PaySend

• Invite as many friends as you like using your unique ‘Invitation Code’ and receive up to £12, 18€ or $24 in bonuses, for each invited friend

‘Refer A Friend’ Bonus usage

• Bonuses can be withdrawn free of charge

• Minimum withdrawals are £5, 5€ or $5

• Bonuses can be redeemed to any bank card

• Bonuses do not expire and can be used anytime while you are our customer

‘PaySend Bonus’ Program is awailable from 20th September 2017

Paysend ‘Refer A Friend’ Bonus program is available to all Paysend customers except those from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Armenia, Nigeria and Kazakhstan. The description above is for your convenience and does not represent the complete ‘Refer A Friend’ ‘terms and conditions’ which can be found PDF HERE