Take on the world with our Multi-currency Account

Hold, send and spend your money in one simple app

  • Multi-currency wallet

    Hold up to 8 currencies at any time, and instantly link them to your card.

  • Paysend Smartcard

    Pay the local way wherever Mastercard is accepted, with no fees.

  • International transfers

    Send money to over 170 countries from within the app.

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Explore more, pay less

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    Travel without high bank fees

    Use your Paysend card while abroad with no extra charges.

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    Spend your money your way

    Link your card to a currency and use it to buy your morning coffee!

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    Instant freeze · unfreeze

    Don’t panic if you lose your card - you’ve always got total control.

Pay the way that suits you

  • Open account online

    Fast and simple set-up in 5 minutes.

  • Top up account as you like

    Fund your account using your card, bank, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • Open banking

    Connect all your bank accounts to Paysend to keep an eye on all your money in one app.

  • Real-time notifications

    Total visibility over your account activity.

  • Customer support always available

    Get the help you need, fast.