Cash Pick-up added as a receiving method in Nigeria!

Cash Pick-up added as a receiving method in Nigeria!

We’ve got some good news if you regularly send money to Nigeria!

With technology constantly evolving, it's easy to forget that some people still choose to manage their money the old-fashioned way - in cash rather than digitally.

You may be an expert on mobile or online banking to send and receive money as a Paysend customer, but the people you transfer money to may not!

Many people all over the world still choose to receive money by visiting a money transfer location or bank to retrieve cash. To help those people out we've added cash Pick-up as an alternative option for recipients in Nigeria ensuring that our customers are allowed even more flexibility when receiving or moving their money.

Here are some questions that you might have:

Where can my recipient pick the money up from?

Please see the full list of cash Pick-up locations in Nigeria here.

Will they need to take any ID to pick up the money?

Yes, the recipient’s ID card or passport should be provided when they pick-up.

What else will my recipient need to do to pick-up the money?  

The recipient will need to present the transaction code (this will be sent to you once the transfer is sent, all you need to do then is share the code).

The recipient will also need to provide the one-time password which is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone at the time they claim the cash at the pickup location.

When can I send money for cash pick-up?

Cash pick-ups are available Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00. Some pick-up locations are also available on Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00.

For more info about how to send money for cash Pick-up, check out our FAQ page here.

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