Fraud Manager

Miami, USA

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and analyze fraud patterns, transactions and information provided by third party vendors
  • Investigate fraudulent activities
  • Detect new fraudulent schemes, participate in the improvement and refinement of fraud monitoring systems
  • Work with raw data in order to effectively analyze patterns and come up with solutions (fraud rules)
  • Diagnose, identify and solve problems within fraud rules and systems
  • Communicate with third-party financial institutions upon investigation and prevention of fraud
  • Review fraud alerts & spot new activities patterns

Required Skills/Competencies/Experiences:

  • At least 3+ years of relevant experience in Fincrime/Antifraud at a payments processor, card acquirer or bank.
  • Experience with fraud detection, prevention within the c2c/b2c payments
  • Experience with friendly fraud
  • Knowledge and understanding of Visa and Mastercard tools - AVS, 3DS, etc
  • Knowledge and understanding of Visa and Mastercard Fraud and Chargeback Monitoring Programs
  • Knowledge and understanding of Excessive Fraud and Chargeback Merchant Compliance Program
  • Different payment methods knowledge (ACH, EMT)
  • A working knowledge of SQL
  • Analytical, innovative, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Ability to function well within a fast paced, ever changing environment
  • Ability to take initiative and own projects to completion

Desired Skills/Competencies/Experiences: 

  •  Experience of working with early-stage companies
  •  Self-starter, with willingness to take decisions under conditions of limited knowledge



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