Improve your credit score with the all-new Credit Builder

Spend, send and repay on time to take charge of your financial health

Exclusive 90 days free · then 2.99 gbp/month

Reporting to all 3 major credit reference agencies

If you live, work or study in the United Kingdom, and are looking for a simple way to build or improve your credit score, Paysend Grow has the perfect solution for you.

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How Credit Builder works

Build your credit profile and improve your credit score by following these simple steps.

Step 1
Move money

Move your money into the Credit Builder account. Regular spending and repaying on-time could impact your score.

Step 2
Spend or send money

Connect your Paysend card to your Credit Builder account and use it to make purchases online or offline anytime, as well as complete money transfers.

Step 3
View your statement

Twice a month, Paysend will automatically collect the outstanding balance from the money set aside in the Credit Builder Limit account.

Step 4
Build credit score

You could watch your credit score grow as Paysend reports your Credit Builder activity to 3 major credit reference agencies.

Credit Builder benefits
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    Rewards for reliability

    Major UK credit reference agencies are updated when positive repayments are made, allowing you to build and improve your credit score.

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    Set your own limit

    Credit Builder lets you spend debt-free. Only top-up as much as you want to spend, and link your Paysend card to spend anytime, anywhere.

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    Spend your way

    Every transaction on your Credit Builder account counts towards improving your credit score, from sending money to buying groceries.

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Start building your credit score with Paysend Grow
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