How can I verify my source of funds?

Once you start approaching your current limits, prepare photos/scans of the following documents:
  • Bank statement no more than 3 months old and certified by the bank;
  • Employer pay stubs for the last 3 months accompanied by a bank statement;
  • HMRC documents if funds are coming from a pension which could support the bank statement; or
  • Letters from a solicitor if funds are coming from a loan or inheritance which could support the bank statement.
Make sure that your documents clearly show your full name, date of issue and the entire money flow to confirm how your funds were generated and paid into Paysend Global Account. Send the documents to [email protected] and allow us some time to review them. We’ll get back to you once the verification is completed. Please note that we may ask you for additional information and/or documents if we find that necessary.