Link your Paysend Mastercard Card with Samsung Pay

Enjoy seamless shopping with contactless payments using Samsung Pay.

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    It’s simple to set up

    Simply launch Samsung Pay, add your Paysend Mastercard, and confirm authorisation. You can now use your Paysend card for contactless payments with Samsung Pay!

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    Added security

    For payments, instead of a card number, a token (special digital code) is used - it is stored on your device protected by Knox. Only you can make purchases - all transactions are confirmed by your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. Samsung Knox is a built-in security feature which works to protect your Samsung Pay data.

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    Tap to spend

    You can spend your Paysend account funds using Samsung Pay wherever contactless cards are accepted.

How to add your Paysend card to Samsung Pay

You can add your Paysend Mastercard to Samsung Pay either in the Paysend Global Account app or in the Samsung Pay app.

To do this in the Paysend Global Account app:

  1. Open the Paysend Global Account app on your smartphone.

  2. Go to the ‘Cards’ tab.

  3. Select ‘Add to Samsung Pay’.

To do this in the Samsung Pay app:

  1. Scan the card with a smartphone camera or via NFC, or enter it's details manually. You'll then need to accept the Paysend Terms of Service.

  2. Open the Samsung Pay app, enter your current Samsung account details (e-mail) and set up the authorisation method most convenient for you: either fingerprint, PIN or face recognition.

  3. Click on the SMS button to verify the identification of the cardholder. Enter the code you receive via SMS and click "Submit".

Currently only users with card BIN 542529 can add their Paysend card to Samsung Pay.

Compatible devices

How to pay with a smartphone

You can pay for purchases both at terminals that support payments using contactless technology, and where bank cards are accepted only by a contact chip.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch Samsung Pay.

  2. Select a card and authenticate using your fingerprint or PIN.

  3. Bring the device to the terminal to pay.

You’ll then receive a receipt as you would with a normal card payment. You’ll also receive a push notification showing that you’ve made the purchase.

Online purchases

To make purchases online within participating apps, select the "Samsung Pay" button in the merchant app screen at checkout and use either fingerprint, iris or Samsung Pay PIN, depending on your phone model.

Transport in London (TFL)

When you link up your Paysend card to Samsung Pay, you can set it up as a 'transport card' to use on travel services in London run by TFL. This means you'll simply need to touch the section of your phone (where the antenna is located) against the card reader, and your phone needs to be locked and screen off. This is available for pay-as-you-go on buses, the tube, trams, DLR, overground services, TFL rail, Emirates Air Line, river buses and most National Rail services in London.