How to stay in touch with family and friends — around the block or around the globe

How to stay in touch with family and friends online

Being away from home does not mean putting the relationship on hold. Connecting with family or friends is now literally at our fingertips. But there is more to it than just going online.

Share your experiences — make videos and send them to your loved ones

We are used to posting on social media. But why not take a short video and send it directly to your friends and family? Share your life experiences privately with your loved ones. 

Imagine walking around the city on a bright day. You can turn an ordinary walk into an exciting journey — take out your phone, make videos, and comment on what is happening around you. Thus, you are filming for your dear ones, discovering and sharing fascinating things and emotions — sharing your life experiences.

How to stay in touch with family and friends online


Sync the routine — and the distance will feel less real

Living in different cities may mean living in different time zones. Even an hour's time difference is still a difference. Yet, there are tricks to get closer and sync your routine with the ones who matter to you most.

Here are some tips to sync the routine at a distance:

  • Dinner with the family? — agree on the time and schedule regular video calls to gather together and share a meal.
  • Friday night parties? — go ahead and party together wherever you are. Phone cameras and an Internet connection will do the rest.
  • Shopping with your best friend? — no need to break the tradition. Grab your phone and head out shopping, discuss the latest trends, all while sharing your photos and videos.
How to stay in touch with family and friends online


Create traditions — and stick with them

It might not be easy to keep in touch daily. Being glued to the phone and living online can rob you of your very life. Be offline and stay in touch with your close ones — create the traditions to stick to.

Traditions may unite and become even more valuable when our lives and surroundings change. What's great about creating traditions is the freedom of choice and creativity.

Not a fan of ordinary celebrations? Here are some ideas to build on:

  • Create a monthly challenge — set a goal, get your friends involved, agree to meet once a month to share the results.
  • Establish a book club — schedule it once a week, discuss the books you’ve read, while enjoying great company. One more good reason to read more and broaden your knowledge.
  • Make it yours and special — choose whatever you want and make it a special event for the ones you care for and yourself: be it an annual exchange of the best cherry pie recipes, or a day of wearing a kangaroo suit.

Online we can do a lot of things, and for some of us it might be the only way to stay in touch. So don’t hesitate to hug your loved ones at every opportunity. For the rest — there is the Internet and a little bit of creativity.

How to stay in touch with family and friends online


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