Everything you need to know about Paysend Business's Instant Card Transfers features

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Everything you need to know about Paysend Business's Instant Card Transfers features

Instant card transfers have emerged as a game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses seeking to streamline payment processes. Traditionally, companies have had to navigate complex procedures and endure significant delays when transferring funds. However, with this cutting-edge innovation of instant transfers, how we make and receive payments has changed forever. 

This innovative payment solution allows businesses to transfer funds seamlessly and instantaneously. By leveraging this unique technology, companies can make real-time transfers directly from their corporate accounts to their suppliers, vendors, employees or partners. This development has removed the need to provide detailed account information and experience a lengthy and costly verification procedure. Now freelancers, contractors and sole traders can get paid instantly, right to their bank account.

Benefits of instant card transfers 

  • Speedy: Instant Card Transfers usually arrive in seconds or minutes.
  • Flexible: Instant transfers allow you to send to both cards, managing your money however you see fit. 
  • Convenient: Move funds 24/7, 365 days a year, whenever you choose. 
  • Secure: Two-part authentication ensures your transfers are safe and protected. 
  • User-friendly: Super straightforward, all at the click of a button. 

How it works

  • Go to Payouts > New > Amount & Recipient > Continue
  • Enter full name & recipient’s card bank number 
  • The recipient will receive the funds instantly in their bank account

Instant card transfers are revolutionising the payment landscape for business operations all over the globe. Have the ability to manage your company's funds with far more accessibility, flexibility and transparency than ever before. 

Get started today and benefit from Instant Card Transfers

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