Back-office senior engineer


What's the role about

We’re looking for an experienced Back-office engineer to join our growing engineering team in Serbia. You will be supporting SmartVista BackOffice, developing new products and implementing new services.

What you’ll be doing

  • To configure SV BackOffice products and services
  • To prepare SV BackOffice improvement plans
  • To be responsible for stability and quality of SV BackOffice processes
  • To support mandatory changes, new features and system integrations
  • To communicate with PSs, partners and internal teams
  • To analyse TORs of new features and products
  • To identify weaknesses and provide system improvements

What you’ll need to be successful in the role

  • 3+ years of supporting processing systems
  • Experience in working with Visa, MC, UPI certification and implementation projects
  • Knowledge of Visa, MC, UPI rules, clearing cycles and authorization processes
  • Understanding of PCI-DSS principles
  • Being comfortable in bash scripts and PL/SQL

Desired Skills:

  •   Experience with SmartVista
  •   Experience with software development
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