Five methods to avoid silly spending!

Five methods to avoid silly spending!

We are all prone to some form of uncalculated and impulsive spending, and we are all entitled to splash a little when wanting to treat ourselves and others from time to time! However, in today's climate, it is vital to be conscious of our outgoings, budget effectively and practise the art of restraint! 

That is why at Paysend, we thought it a bright idea to provide our customers with a few pointers to help them manage their expenses sensibly, without having to make too many drastic changes to their everyday life!

Here are our five top tips to help reduce silly spending: 

  1. Avoid overspending by setting a limit
    Though we all deserve to treat ourselves now and then, it is helpful to keep a budget, ensuring we don't go overboard after a payday! 
    Set yourself a spending limit by capping your card account to a daily amount and watch your savings grow in just a short time!
  2. Keep track of expenses
    It is just good old practice to watch the amount you have spent over any given week or month. Money management platforms such as Paysend enable users to keep track of their spending online and on the go, anywhere and at any time!
  3. Make purchases using credit
    Practical, cost and time effective, applying for a credit card and making purchases to be paid back later is a fantastic way to exercise discipline and ultimately benefit in the long run. It is also a good solution for when needing to make transactions at short notice!
    That is why we developed Paysend Credit Builder, an add-on feature to the Paysend app available in the UK, which gives users the ability to start building their credit score in a few easy steps and take charge of their financial health!
    Paysend Credit Builder allows you the ability to make money transfers and carry out day-to-day transactions online or offline using a Paysend card or bank account while managing repayments quickly and easily.  
    Paysend reports repayments on time to three major credit reference agencies that can ultimately help customers build and improve their credit scores in a matter of weeks!
  4. Leave debit/credit cards at home
    Being strategic with when to pay with cash rather than a bank card will help avoid impractical expenses. Avoid making trips to the shops, dining or drinking out during the week to cut down on your spending for a short time!
  5. Enjoy transparent exchange rates and quicker speeds when making a transfer with Paysend!
    Paysend is proud to say that we operate in over 100 countries worldwide in 2021, providing expert and reliable service to over 4.5 million customers, all putting their trust in us to provide them with over 40 fast and hassle-free payment solutions! 
    The majority of Paysend transfers are instantaneous! Users can also view upfront and transparent exchanges rates, knowing beforehand how much their recipient will receive in their home currency!

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