Canadian customers can now conveniently receive more funds in their bank accounts

Canadian customers can now conveniently receive more funds in their bank accounts

At Paysend, when developing new and innovative money solutions, we always make sure to have our customers’ needs and day to day money managing practices in mind.  

Our Canadian customers are extremely important to us, not only because we are proud to be associated with their thriving industries, stunning and scenic terrain and their accommodating and loving communities, but because we value them as part of our Paysend family.  

Our team is always aspiring to create new ways in which to help our customers manage their finances and send money all over the world, helping to connect families and loved ones however many clicks away they might be! 

That’s why Canadians can now receive a lot more funds in their bank accounts, working with over 250 participating financial institutions with the ability to receive up to $10,000 CAD to a bank account in Canada. 

This solution works to help you move funds from one bank account to another conveniently. It’s easier to get funded now from countries all around the world! 

Follow these simple steps to send money to a Canada: 

  1. Select Canada as the recipient’s country, then select To Bank Account as how to send your money and confirm recipient’s bank details
  2. Follow the appropriate prompts through the Paysend.com or Paysend app or to complete the money transfer

We are calling all of our Canadian Paysend customers to take advantage of the opportunity to receive money easily and affordably through Paysend today! 

Visit the Paysend app or website now to move money internationally. 

Download the Paysend app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit our homepage.

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