Careers at Paysend
Join the global fintech company on a mission to change how money is moved around the world.
Our Work
Our Work

Paysend is growing fast. What started in 2017 as an idea to change how money moves around the world has evolved into a global phenomenon serving 3 million customers, with over 3,000 new sign-ups every single day.

We’re on a mission to transform the way that people hold, send and spend their money on a global scale. Every day, millions of people around the world have to deal with slow, expensive and overly complicated money services provided by banks and foreign exchange providers. Paysend offers fast, simple and secure solutions which save our users time and money.

In a world that seems to want to put up borders between people at every opportunity, Paysend aims to eradicate barriers between people, no matter where in the world they are. We do this with instant global money transfers, zero spending charges while abroad and seamless exchanges between currencies.

Our Work
Our people

The Paysend team is made up of FinTech pioneers from a diverse set of backgrounds and nationalities, creating an exciting melting pot of skills, personalities and ideas. Everyone in the company is encouraged to put forward ideas and share opinions and contribute to the mounting success of the company.

Every Paysend employee is valued for the unique expertise they bring. As a result everyone is given responsibility over their own working output, as well as the freedom to develop their skills and acumen in a collaborative environment.

Our Work
Work with us

We’re looking for people who share our passion for innovation, buy into the Paysend ethos and will add value to our team. When you join Paysend, you’ll have the chance to grow and develop as the business does.

We believe in empowering people to be successful in their jobs, and we pay them fairly for their expertise. We give everyone the context and tools to operate as business owners, and encourage our people to contribute with their hearts, their minds and their creativity.

In the fast paced FinTech industry the Paysend journey may not always be easy, but our innovation strategy is promising and exciting. We employ the right people to help us steer the business towards success and global influence.

If Paysend sounds like the perfect company for you, we’d love to hear from you!