Tips for traveling abroad – including how to save on digital money transfers

Digital money transfers can help you manage your funds without stretching your wallet as you travel abroad.

With countries like Spain, Greece. Croatia and more announcing that they are welcoming vaccinated US travelers into their countries, international travel is likely to make a comeback this year. In fact, domestic travel has already seen a strong uptick with TSA reporting 1.87 million people going through the nation's airport security on May 23rd alone. 

These numbers are only expected to rise as more US citizens are becoming COVID-19 vaccinated and governments around the world relax travel restrictions in an effort to improve economies that experienced hardships during the pandemic. 

If you postponed an international vacation or plan to go abroad to visit loved ones living in another country, 2021 may be the year to schedule that trip. But before you hop on a plane, here are some quick tips to consider when planning your travel this year: 

Find out country requirements before traveling 

While a number of countries are open to international travel, some destinations may still be closed or require mandatory quarantines, proof of vaccination or confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test. To help ensure your desired country is accepting international travelers or what the rules may be to enter the country, check out the CDC’s list of resources and guidelines for travel. 

Research potential risks and take precaution 

Before you travel to certain countries, you may want to consider the potential risks involved. Click here to view expert recommendations based on coronavirus travel risk assessments broken down by destination. And once you choose a desired destination, you may want to continue taking precautions like wearing a mask in crowded areas, washing your hands regularly and more when traveling. 

Save money with travel and flight deals 

Once you have a destination in mind, it’s time to plan your actual travel. Historically, international travel has been known to be hard on travel budgets.  

However, as countries aim to improve their economies, many are offering great travel deals to encourage more tourism, leaving you more to spend when you reach your destination. Check out this flight guide to ensure you’re not missing out on any great offers.  

Manage money during and after your trip – digitally 

Now that you’ve booked your vacation, there’s one more thing you may want to consider before traveling abroad, and that’s how you’ll be managing your funds without stretching your wallet. 

With international travel comes the challenge of not wanting to travel with excessive amounts of cash or spending more money in high transfer fees through traditional banking methods. 

So, instead of spending on unnecessary fees when paying tour guides or sharing expenses with international friends, digital money transfer tools like Paysend allow for simple and affordable exchange options. In fact, you can check out the homepage of our website to see just how much it will cost for you to transfer money. 

Ready to take that long-awaited trip to see the world or visit with loved ones living in another country? Download the Paysend app from the App Storeor Google Play to save money now so you have more of it when you travel. 

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