10 December 2020

Brrr…How to Send Money Abroad While Avoiding Cold Weather

Don’t travel to a bank or money transfer outlet in the freezing cold. Send money abroad online instead.

The cold season is upon us. It’s time to break out the winter coats, extra blankets, woolly hats and get cozy!

Of course, things are looking a bit different than normal this year. Holiday shopping will be more socially distanced, face masks will replace scarves as go-to face wear and you may not be able to have the entire family around the table for a holiday feast.

But staying connected with your loved ones is still essential!

If you financially support family back home by regularly sending money abroad, you don’t have to travel to your bank or money transfer outlet as temperatures drop and snow and ice litter the ground.


Stay warm, stay safe and stay digital!

Luckily, travelling out into the cold to send money internationally from a bank or transfer outlet isn’t the only option.

There are a number of online money transfer platforms that are easy to use and let you send money across borders - all from the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home. All you need is a smartphone or laptop to get started.

This means you can stay out of the wind, rain or snow while still supporting loved ones abroad!

What’s more, with social distancing measures in place in most parts of the world, it’s never been a safer time to make the switch to digital.


Digital money transfers that cost just $2

Something we often hear from people about their money transfers - particularly if they go through a bank - is that the potential cost may be higher than expected due to high commission charges, hidden fees, and unfavorable exchange rates.

Paysend is an online money transfer service that lets you send money internationally for just $2. This means that if you want to send $100 or $1,000 from the US to India, it will only cost you $2 either way.

Plus, money sent using Paysend travels fast. In fact, 75% of our transfers arrive in close to real-time. That means our customers and their recipients don’t have to wait around - the money sent is available in close to real time and ready to use upon arrival!

To get started, download the Paysend app from the App Store or Google Play today!