Send money with Paysend to celebrate the holidays with loved ones abroad!


At Paysend, we are conscious of the positive impact we can have by allowing our customers to send funds all over the globe with upfront exchange rates, low fees, and quick transfer speeds. This allows our users the ability to move money to family and friends over the holiday period at a moment's notice. 

To encourage our customers to spread joy and festive spirits this year, we thought we'd give you a few pointers on how to embrace this wonderful time of year and connect with family overseas:

Embrace the festivities and enjoy the break 

The holiday is not just about the day of celebration, but the build-up! It can stressful to buy gifts, host meals, put up decorations, and organize parties. That is why we urge you to take time to enjoy the little things. Hot chocolate by the fire, winter walks, and post-dinner afternoon naps are an absolute must. Be sure to take some much-needed rest before returning to work in January so you can arrive refreshed and ready for the new year! 

Holiday movie nights in

Since we are taking time to relax this holiday, movie nights are a great way to do just that. Watching movies with the family can be more than just sitting back and relaxing on the sofa - laugh, love and cry together as you sort through the classics!

Picture perfect moments 

We are all guilty of going slightly crazy when it comes to taking (many) photos on big family occasions. Why not put our snaps to good use? Send pictures and postcards to family and friends overseas who you may not be able to spend time with this year.  

FaceTime over the festive season

Not all of us will have the opportunity to see our loved ones in person this year. However, we can still make an effort to schedule times to catch up over the phone or laptop to toast to the health and happiness of all.  

Send recipes and compare cooking skills!

Consider yourself an expert in the kitchen? Put your skills to the test by trying new holiday recipes and sharing your progress on family and friend group chats! Compare notes and award prizes to the best dish. After all, what says the holidays more than a gingerbread house bake-off?!

Transfer money internationally from the US

At Paysend, we want to inspire our customers all over the globe to show their love and appreciation by moving money to family and friends during the holidays. Send funds at any time for transparent exchange rates, low fees, and quick transfer speeds. 

  • How much does it cost to send money internationally from the US via Paysend?
    When sending money from the US with Paysend, it only costs $2!  
  • How long does it take to transfer money from the US?
    95% of all Paysend transfers are close to real-time, reaching their intended recipient within seconds.

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