Celebrating "Araw ng mga Patay”: Send Money to the Philippines

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What is Araw ng mga Patay or Undás?

Araw ng mga Patay is an annual festival in the Philippines, otherwise known as Day of the Dead. The holiday takes place on the night of November 1st and continues to the following day. It is not only a celebration, but a time of remembrance dedicated to those who have passed on as loved ones honor their lives with festivities. Every year, traditional carnival parades spill out into the streets all day long as parade goers in skeleton masks and face paint sing and dance.

Filipinos traditionally commemorate the passing of loved ones by visiting and bringing gifts to their resting place, saying prayers and making offerings such as flowers and candles. Families also usually light a candle for each deceased family member as it is believed to help guide those who have passed on to the afterlife.

These family reunions go on throughout the day and extend into a party that continues late into the night, where they feast and make toasts for those who have departed.  

Pangangaluluwa and Trick or treat

Trick or treat is often associated with the American celebration of dressing up and giving candy to children, but what many do not realize is that the traditions during Undás predate Americanized customs derived from the pre-colonial tradition of pangangaluwa. 

Káluluwâ, translated as “spirit double,” was a practice of early Filipinos who wrapped themselves in blankets to dress as ghosts. They’d visit houses and chant songs as they pretended to be the spirits of their ancestors.

If a neighbor failed to give “biko,” otherwise known as rice cakes, tricks would be played on them like stealing slippers or taking their family chickens from their yards!

Send money to family and friends overseas to celebrate!

To celebrate, many Filipinos who live in other countries want to send money back home so their loved ones can purchase gifts and celebrate the holiday with the rest of the Philippines.

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