13 January 2021

5 Tips to Stay Safe When Going Back to School

As students return to school, help keep them safe by switching to contactless digital money transfers.

All over the world, many universities are beginning their spring semester, but things may be a lot different this year as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues and vaccines become more widespread.

If you’re returning to school in your home country or abroad, you need to continue keeping yourself and those around you as safe as possible while also completing your studies and enjoying yourself at the same time.

So, as you gear up for another semester, what can you do to make the most of your college experience while staying safe? Here are five top tips to help:

1. Listen to government guidance

Despite vaccines becoming available, it’s important to continue listening and practicing government guidance about social distancing, traveling measures and gathering in large groups. Your school may also regularly remind students of what’s expected of you, which may help keep you safe and in the know.

2. Maintain social distancing

As you experienced in the fall semester, close contact with other students and professors may be discouraged, large classes may be virtual or campus access may be limited. While this may not be ideal, it’s important to follow safety rules for you and your classmates’ protection.

3. Wear a face mask

When you’re in situations with people outside of your regular social bubble, you should remember to always wear a face mask. This includes when you’re indoors or off campus.

4. Work remotely when you can

Many universities have made lectures and seminars available for students to study remotely through video chat services like Zoom. These offerings may help administrations keep everyone safe while still allowing students to keep up with their studies.

5. Switch to digital money

One of the most important parts of student life - particularly if you’re studying abroad - is managing and being able to receive and transfer your money internationally to and from your parents or loved ones.

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