Top 5 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season (Hint: Send Money)


How the time has flown and what a year it has been! It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of such a hectic and tumultuous 12 months. The good news is that restrictions have begun to lift and we are now experiencing life almost as we knew it before COVID – with a few more facemasks and sanitizer bottles than before! 

Being in close contact with others outside of our household and the freedom of traveling abroad has been sorely missed by many. From our experiences this year, we can all agree that we have grown to be a little more appreciative of things we once took for granted, such as time spent with those we care for the most.  

Leading up to the holiday season, we want to encourage our Paysend community to make a positive impact this year, focusing on treating those close to you and letting them know just how important they are.

If you have found yourself racking your brain to come up with the perfect gift this holiday, don’t worry - Paysend has you covered!

Check out our top 5 gift ideas for family and friends this holiday season:

1. Something they need!

Decisions, decisions! It can be tricky tracking down the “perfect” gift, especially if you want it to be a complete surprise. When buying for someone close to you, remind yourself of their likes and dislikes. Remember, the more practical, the better! Phones, watches, or AirPods are always a big hit that you know your loved one will use frequently. 

2. Something they would wear!

Focus less on fashion and more on purpose. Seasonal fluffy gloves, woolly hats, or a cozy winter jacket are useful in the cold seasons. If you are shopping for an active and sporty person, shorts, sneakers or hoodies would be a welcome accessory to help them stay motivated when it gets chilly out.

3. Something to read!

Whether it was learning a new language, beating your personal best mile running time, or taking a moment every morning to meditate and self-reflect before starting

the day, many of us took the initiative to work on our self-improvement while stuck inside during the lockdown.

Now that the world is starting to open up again, it doesn’t mean that we should stop working on ourselves. Treat someone special with a new book or learning resource that will help fuel their passion and work towards their goals. 

4. Something to watch!

During the lockdown, TV shows and the latest streaming flicks were a source of comfort. Over the holidays, there isn’t anything more enjoyable than curling up by the fire and turning on our favorite holiday films. Treat your family to the latest streaming platform subscription and enjoy binge-watching all of your old holiday favorites! 

5. Support family and friends by sending funds 

Let your loved ones pick their own gift this year with an international money transfer. Paysend provides you with the ability to move money for low fees & quick transfer speeds to 100+ countries around the globe at any time.

At Paysend, our mission is to connect users globally by providing the means to send money for less. Using our expert and reliable digital technology, we enable customers to move and manage their finances at the click of a button. 

Send funds today to support those you love most!  

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