How to send your first transfer with Paysend

  1. Select “SEND MONEY”
  2. Choose the country you want to send money to. In some countries, you can select from multiple receiving currencies
  3. If applicable, select the desired receiving currency
  4. If on the app, select how you want to send your money, either to a bank account or to a card (if sending money from the website this part will be included on the following step).
  5. Enter the amount you wish to send, or the specific amount for the recipient to receive (TIP: If on the Paysend App go to “View rate first” and check the FX rate by entering the amount, otherwise you will be requested to provide the transfer delivery method).
  6. Depending on the chosen sending and receiving country we may ask you to fill in additional fields (this is a requirement of the local legislation and/or local provider)
  7. Enter the recipient’s card, bank or wallet details and select “Next” or “Continue”
  8. Enter your card details
  9. Enter your card's CVV/CVC code
  10. The registration procedure may vary depending on your country. It may be either:
    • A5-digit security code sent through a test transaction which will appear in your pending transactions list on your card statement, or
    • A5-digit security code sent via SMS
  11. Enter the code into the relevant field
  12. Input transaction description
  13. Add a personal message to the transfer (if required)
  14. Select “Confirm & Send”
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