Introducing the Paysend Adventurer and Explorer programs

Introducing the Paysend Adventurer and Explorer programs

Addressing skills gaps and employee motivation should be central to any business strategy in the post-Pandemic world, with the ability to motivate and retain talent having never been more critical to business success.

According to McKinsey, companies are facing an exodus of employees who are exhausted and overwhelmed, questioning what work means, and thinking through their options. In an era of workplace upheaval, companies that create tailored, authentic experiences for their employees can strengthen purpose, ignite energy, and elevate organisation-wide performance and, critically, retain talent. 

At Paysend, we recognise the importance of employee recognition and the transformational impact that acknowledging good work, nurturing talent and providing development opportunities can have on the employee experience. That’s why we recently launched the Paysend Adventurer and Explorer Programs to recognise and celebrate individuals that exemplify Paysend’s mission and principles in their everyday work and behaviours. 

Paysend Adventurer program

The Paysend Adventurer program is a quarterly peer-nominated award given to individuals who exemplify Paysend’s 7 Principles: 

  1. Operate as Owners
  2. Work with Integrity
  3. Be an Achiever
  4. Strive for Excellence
  5. Drive Disruption
  6. Embrace Momentum
  7. Delight our Customers

The award recognises nominated individuals for constantly and consistently striving for excellence, truly owning their work, never missing an opportunity to grow, seeking creative solutions and always prioritising Paysend’s customers. As part of the program, individuals receive exclusive access to learning opportunities through UDEMY, they are included in exclusive Paysend culture campaigns, and get work opportunities with Paysend’s Executive Leadership Team on special projects. 

New Paysend Adventurers are celebrated through a special awards ceremony during Paysend’s quarterly  firm-wide meetings.

“I’m often quite cynical about these things. However, I was genuinely quite thrilled that I got that award. That it was voted for by colleagues meant that it really meant a lot to me.”

Anonymous Paysender

“It was super meaningful to be nominated for the Paysend Adventurer Award. First of all, it’s a pleasure to get the recognition. Secondly, it’s good to know that my everyday efforts are tangible for others, that they deliver outcomes and support actions. Finally, I realised how many Paysenders need recognition too; it motivates me to say thanks and give recognition to others that work at Paysend.”

Anonymous Paysender

Paysend Explorer program

Separately, the Paysend Explorer program is an annual award that recognises leadership-potential individuals from across Paysend. Nominations are made by Paysend’s Executive Leadership Team from the pool of individuals that have been nominated as Paysend Adventurers in the previous 12 months. 

Nominated individuals receive mentorship from individual Executive Leadership Team members and go through coaching and training programs to strengthen their leadership skills. Paysend Explorers then use these skills to mentor and coach future Paysend Adventurers in the year to come. Finally, Paysend Explorers are also incentivised with a cash bonus in recognition of their strong performance.

There has never been a more appropriate time for employers to show their staff that they care and that their workforce is appreciated. Recognising and rewarding impact - and how that impact is achieved - through these two new programs are just a couple of steps that we’re taking to give our employees a sense of security in their value to Paysend whilst motivating them to continue to do great work. 

Blog by Abdul Abdulkerimov, Co-Founder & Chairman at Paysend