Retail Technology Show 2022: Day One Summary

Retail Technology Show 2022: Day One Summary

It’s a thrill to be back after three years experiencing the Retail Technology Show 2022 at Kensington Olympia, London. The Paysend team was on the ground ready to contribute to great conversations, engage with our current partners and to build new relationships in the market. 

Placing sustainability at the heart of your company culture, the impact of technology on driving sustainability and inclusive growth goals, and how customer behaviour is driving brands to have a more inclusive approach were all key themes on the first day. 

We heard some brilliant thoughts from key speakers in the room. 

Hannah Fox, Senior Property Manager for Energy at Morrisons - the UK's fourth largest supermarket chain - talked about balancing profit with environmentally-friendly product distribution, with a specific focus on emissions and carbon targets. Under Morrisons' three main pillars of social, economic and environmental change, Hannah spoke of the importance of having a sustainability focus throughout the product chain and how electric cars and working from home are emerging as everyday changes that can positively impact emissions for large organisations. 

A panel discussion of particular note looked at what retailing will be like in 2025 and focussed on which new technology innovations would have the most impact. Ken Daly, CEO of JML; Robin Phillips, CEO of Watch Shop; Constanze Freienstein, Managing Director at Land's End Europe; and Damian Dowling, Segment Lead of Logistics for the UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric gave their thoughts. The impact of remote working continued to be a key narrative with facial recognition and the availability of a broader array of contactless payments methods seen as adding convenience for consumers in the future.  

The narratives around inclusive growth, innovation and the steps that organisations can take to build a better future for themselves, their staff and their customers certainly spoke to us.

As a global FinTech with a mission to unite individuals and businesses, and to change the way they manage their everyday finances, we deliver sustainable solutions that allow companies to strengthen, manage and grow their business. 

Through its B2B offering Paysend plans to lead the way in the world of digital payments, creating more opportunities for SMEs around the globe to build a strong network of investors and consumers, and allowing them to receive digital payments via several different payment gateways and in multiple currencies. 

Tune in tomorrow for our day two summary of the Retail Technology Show 2022!


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