Card verification codes

We want to keep your personal information and your money safe, which is why we've introduced an additional security step when you link your card to your Paysend account - we'll ask you to enter a verification code.

Please follow these steps to find and enter your code:

  • Log in to your online banking either from desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Check your recent or pending transactions tab
  • Paysend will charge your card a small amount which will not be debited from your card and is used for verification purposes only
  • The charge will appear on your card statement in the pending transactions list with a 5-digit code and the word Paysend in the merchant name (Paysend XXXXX Code)
  • Make a note of the 5 numerical digits – this is your verification code
  • You will be required to enter these numbers in your Paysend account to complete the verification process
  • Once you enter this code your card will be linked to your Paysend account and you can make your first transfer
  • This is a one-time process - you will NOT be required to repeat it unless you decide to add another card to your Paysend account
  • If you don't have immediate access to your online banking or your card statement, you can check for the code during the next 48 hours