4 May 2020

7 tips for working from home if you have kids

7 tips for working from home if you have kids

Working from home can be challenging for anyone - but especially if you have children that need looking after.

If you’re faced with this situation, what can you do to make sure your kids are calm, happy and healthy, but still allow you to keep working productively at the same time?

Here are 7 top tips to help you out:


Be flexible with your routine


When you’ve got kids, you’ve always got to expect the unexpected! Be prepared to deviate from your normal routine, because the likelihood is, you’ll have to do this quite frequently!


Prioritise your work


When you’re working and looking after children at the same time, it might feel like you’ve got two full-time jobs! You probably need to accept that you won’t get as much work done as normal so you need to prioritise what’s most important.


Make sure your colleagues are aware of your situation


It’s difficult for people without children to understand quite what it’s like when you have kids to look after, so make sure that the people you work closely with know how hectic your life is at the moment. They should then accommodate your situation to make your life easier!


Plan ahead


Working out a plan of action of what you need to get done, and figuring out a way to keep your children distracted so that you can achieve this, is vital. Spend some time making a plan - but don’t necessarily expect to stick to it!


Keep your children challenged


Your kids could become very hard work for you unless you can find ways to keep them engaged. Try setting up a routine of work and play that challenges them and keeps them interested - and, most importantly, out of your hair!


Enjoy the moment when you can!


You’ve got the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, so try and make the most of it! Help them with schoolwork, play board games with them, and help them to have a rewarding time at home!


Stay connected with your friends and family


Make sure you stay connected with your friends and family, so you don’t feel too isolated while working from home. Regular video chats, phone calls and messages of support will help you to get through this difficult time!

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