25 March 2020

7 ways to stay connected during self-isolation

7 ways to stay connected during self-isolation

Self-isolation can be a tough time for anyone. Right now you might be feeling bored, frustrated and a long way from your friends and family, who may be self-isolating on the other side of the world!

Being sat in front of the TV all day might seem like a good way to pass the time at first, but there’s only so many times you can watch the entire Friends box-set before Chandler’s jokes start to get a little tedious…

Here are 7 ways that you can self-isolate, but still keep in close contact with your loved ones, even if they’re in a completely different country to you!


Regular video chats


It’s never been easier to stay in touch with video calls. Skype, WhatsApp video, and (if you’re working from home) Zoom are perfect for keeping up regular communication and stopping you from becoming a hermit during lockdown. Seeing a friendly, familiar face every day will keep your spirits up and keep your social life going!


Make a collaborative playlist


Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music allow users to make playlists collaborative, so anyone can add music to them. This means that even if you’re a thousand miles away, you can still be choosing the soundtrack to your friends’ day!


Playing online games


Even if you aren’t necessarily a gamer, there are lots of challenging and mentally-stimulating games that you can play on your smartphone with your friends and family, wherever they are. This could be a virtual game of Scrabble, online quizzes, or games on Facebook Messenger.


Fitness challenges


Just because you’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t do exercise! In many countries you can still exercise outside by yourself, so download a fitness tracking app like Strava and start sharing your workouts! Or if you’d prefer to stay indoors, try a yoga session with friends over video chat.


Book club


Self-isolation is the perfect way to get into reading, and if you start a book club over video chat you can stay motivated with your friends and family! It can be a great way to stay connected socially, and thinking about the book analytically will keep your brain activated.


Make plans for the future


The best thing about self-isolation is knowing that it will end one day! Look forward to happier times spent together, and make some exciting plans that will keep you motivated!


Sending money


For many people, managing their money can be difficult during self-isolation. If someone relies on money from a family member or friend living abroad, lockdown and self-isolation can mean that their stream of income dries up. Sending money using an online money transfer platform allows people to send money to their loved ones, even during self-isolation.

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