7 May 2020

9 tips for a new way of working

9 tips for a new way of working

The world of work is completely different now compared to six months ago, and the coronavirus pandemic is likely to have long-lasting effects that remain long after lockdown measures are eased.

It’s likely that the way that businesses operate and employees ‘go to work’ will change, and everyone will have to learn to adapt to a new normal. This could involve altered hours to avoid rush hour, more time working from home, and even whole businesses switching to remote working.

Here are 9 tips to help you out with the new world of work:


Educate yourself


There are plenty of online resources that help you to develop your organisational and leadership skills, which could play a massive role in helping you to become a better worker in the future. Future Learn and Adams Academy are great resources for developing a whole load of new, essential working skills.


Find a routine that works for you


In general, humans are creatures of habit, and in order to be the most productive worker that you can be, it’s important to establish an efficient work routine that allows you to get the best out of your day, no matter what changes your business chooses to implement. You may want to speak with your HR manager about finding the right working balance for you.


Adopt a new mindset


Whatever happens to the world of work in the future, it’s certain to be different from what we’re used to! Nearly everyone will have to adopt a new mindset, and so it’s important to be open-minded and stay positive - whatever changes are brought in, you’ll learn to adapt and overcome them!


Make the most of the new lifestyle


You always need to look on the bright side of life, and this is especially important when big changes are being made! Make sure you take enough time to try and enjoy yourself in your free time, even if there’s major disruption in your working life! Make sure you do regular exercise, or take up a new hobby to keep your mind focused.


Try out some bold changes


While you’re getting used to a new routine, why not think outside the box and try something completely different? It might be fun to experiment with a new way of working and you might stumble on a method that you haven’t thought of before. You could try changing your hours to earlier in the day to test your productivity, or maybe try working in a buzzing social spot like a cafe?


Appreciate that it takes time to adjust


Making changes to any part of your life can be tough, and you’ll need time to adjust, and given the large amount of time you spend working, and the many challenges that come with it, you have to accept that it’ll take some time to adjust to a new working life. You need to be patient with yourself and others, and accept that mistakes will happen from time to time!


Clarify accountability and responsibility


With the amount of changes going on within your company, there is a risk of miscommunication as people adapt to new routines and new communication channels. Making sure that everyone is on the same page and is clear who and what they’re responsible will make efficient and harmonious working much simpler.


Look after your mental health


The changing working landscape could result in difficulties with your concentration and stress levels unless you work hard to keep your mind healthy. Make sure you spend time everyday relaxing, clearing your mind and making sure you’re refreshed for your work. You could try yoga or meditation, or take up a new form of exercise.


Stay connected with your colleagues


Your colleagues play a massive role in your life, and it’s important that you retain a team ethos through difficult times to make sure that you’re all pulling in the same direction. Regular team meetings, social events and clear communication channels will help you to stay connected no matter what the world of work looks like in a post-corona world.

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