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Accept payments anywhere at any time with Paysend Business

Product innovation, growth and increasing profit – these are all things small business owners and entrepreneurs need to focus on, particularly at the early stages of their company. So why is their attention being diverted by trying to solve the numerous challenges that still exist when doing business overseas?

Many SMEs work exceptionally hard to generate demand for product and services from overseas. Yet when it comes to accepting international payments, progress is slowed down by burdensome financial administrative processes, payment method limitations and expensive and slow money transfers.     

Our recent survey showed that 4 in 10 UK SMEs experience significant challenges posed by currency exchange rate fluctuations and fees associated with making international money transfers. Meanwhile, 3 in 10 say barriers to doing business overseas include lengthy settlement times, payments accepted from a limited number of countries and the slow administrative process to start accepting international payments.

At Paysend, we are passionate about enabling businesses to thrive and focus their efforts on growth, rather than business financial administration, which is why we created our acquiring solution.

What can Paysend Business’ acquiring solution do for me?

Our aim is to offer SMEs autonomy over company growth and opportunities to engage with their client base. With our acquiring solution, you can accept online payments from all major debit and credit cards in over 150 countries and up to 38 currencies, including payment gateways Apple Pay and Google Pay. Enabling your international customers to pay via their preferred payment methods is an easy way to increase revenues.

We also offer next day settlement so you can access your funds in 24 hours. Our market leading rates mean you can accept payments from just 0.8% per transaction.

Here are even more ways we’re making it easier for SMEs to accept money from overseas:

  • Payment links – Accept online payments easily without a website. Create a full payment page easily and share the link with your customers.
  • Subscription payments – Start selling products and services with a subscription-based payment process.
  • Accept payments globally – Accept customer payments in up to 38 currencies with global payment options, converting card payments upon request.
  • Developer-friendly payment API – Integrate your own checkout page to have full autonomy of the user experience. Track all payments on our client dashboard.
  • High level of security – Protect your payments and avoid fraud. Our solution is encrypted and PCI DSS certified.

Last but not least, our Paysend Business customers have access to a dedicated personal account manager to help resolve any possible issues, whatever the time of day.

How do I get started?

Getting your business up and running with Paysend Business couldn’t be simpler. Our onboarding process is quick and easy – you can create an account in minutes and start accepting international payments in just a few days. Click here to get started and create a Paysend Business account

Our acquiring solution is part of our portfolio of tools for small businesses, including end-to-end payments and an e-commerce platform. Learn more about Paysend Business via our website

And finally, our customer services team is always here to help – if you have any questions or need a hand getting set up, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.


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