21 February 2020

Best places for expats to live

Ever fancied leaving everything behind and finding a paradise beyond the horizon to start a new and exciting adventure? Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?


It’s never been easier to set yourself up in a foreign country and live a comfortable and happy life as an expat. Many governments actively welcome foreign workers to bring essential skills and experience to the economy. On top of this, companies and universities offer placements for workers and students to spend time realising their dreams of living abroad.


But where should you go? We’ve hand-picked 9 of the best places for expats to live… 




If it’s sun, surf and stunning scenery you’re after, then Australia is the destination for you. Australians are a friendly bunch with a chilled-out attitude to life, so if you’re looking to move to a spot where leisure time is valued, then start thinking about moving to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. With the tenth highest GDP per capita in the world Australia has lots of work and study opportunities available for foreign workers, so it’s easy to get set-up down under.




The United States is made up of 50 diverse states which cater for all types of people. Want a big city life? Head to New York. Fancy a bohemian life by the sea? Go to San Francisco. Prefer peaceful mountains? Take your pick from Portland, Colorado or Utah. The USA has a booming economy, so it’s never been a better time to secure a job there and start a new life in the Land of the Free.




Singapore may be a small nation, but it has plenty of opportunities for expats wanting to explore a new way of life. It’s a city-state packed with vibrant expat communities attracted by generous financial packages, great career opportunities and low tax rates.




The United Arab Emirates built its major cities - including Dubai and Abu Dhabi - on the wealth of its oil industry, but the growth of new industries including banking and tourism have made it a favourable destination for expats. In the UAE expats can enjoy tax-free salaries, a high standard of living, and scorchingly hot weather for chilling by the pool in your free time.




Being an expat in China can be a challenge thanks to its unique, immersive culture. But if you embrace the Chinese way of life you’ll have the experience of a lifetime! Expats can enjoy fantastic job opportunities with little competition, and fast career development in one of the many financial hubs across China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.




14% of people living in Spain are expats from around the world, meaning that if you decide to move to Spain you’ll be in good company! Expat communities are particularly strong along the beautiful Spanish coastline where many expats go to retire, but Spain also actively seeks out skilled foreign workers to find a home in their country to fuel many important Spanish industries, such as engineering, financial services and education.




There are 2 million expats in the Land of the Rising Sun, attracted by the opportunity of a unique way of life in a beautiful country. With lots of national holidays and a reasonable cost of living, Japan can be a paradise if you’re heading there to find the perfect work-life balance. And given that Tokyo is one of the world’s major cities for business, Japan is a great place to go to advance your career.




Canada has a reputation for being very friendly and welcoming towards expats, and skills shortages mean that it’s a great place if you’re looking to land your dream job. It’s got a brilliant healthcare system and a high standard of life. Canadian cities are cosmopolitan and multicultural, so wherever you’re from you’ll find it easy to settle in - just make sure you pack enough layers for the freezing cold winters!


The UK


Despite what you might hear about post-Brexit Britain, the UK remains an extremely welcoming place for people looking to start a new life as an expat. Foreign workers are essential to the UK economy, so there are plenty of work opportunities. The chance to work in London, the world’s foremost financial city, is a very exciting prospect for many people. The British health and education systems are some of the best in the world, so if you’re bringing up a family you’re in safe hands in the UK!


Where do most British expats live?


British people living abroad tend to stick to English-speaking countries where possible, with 5 of the top 6 destinations having English as their official language. Australia is the number one destination for British expats, with over 1 million Brits currently living down under.


Here’s a list of the top 8 expat destinations for British people:


  1. Australia - 1.2 million
  2. USA - 750,000
  3. Canada - 675,000
  4. Spain - 380,000
  5. New Zealand - 315,000
  6. Ireland - 255,000
  7. France - 175,000
  8. Germany - 95,000


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