17 January 2019

From Bengaluru to Little India

From Bengaluru to Little India

At PaySend we love our customers’ stories. Our customer base is diverse and everyone has a different reason for using our service and sending money overseas.

In our latest interview we caught up with Nisha Singh, a Business Management graduate, originally from Bengaluru, India. Nisha currently works for one of London’s fastest growing IT consultancies and resides in Southall.

PaySend: Great to meet you Nisha. Let’s kick things off by finding out what made you want to study and work in London?

Nisha: It’s nice to meet you too. There were so many reasons why I wanted to study in London but the main factor was its long-standing reputation for providing quality higher education. London is a very student-friendly city, with lots of opportunities and support for international students. Through my studies, I’ve met people from different cultures and from all walks of life. I’ve found true value in that and made some great friends.

PaySend: We’re so pleased to hear you had such a positive experience. Why have you chosen Southall as your home?

Nisha: You may already know, Southall is often referred to as “Little India” and I guess for me, it feels like a home away from home, if that makes sense? There’s a strong Indian community here and lots of authentic stores, shops and restaurants, which I find really comforting. It’s conveniently located, with great transport links to my place of work and I love that there’s always something going on close by.

PaySend: That’s great that it feels like home. We imagine it looks quite spectacular during Diwali, right?

Nisha: Oh yes - my first Diwali in the UK was spent in Southall, with new friends I’d made at university. The fireworks are amazing and everyone makes such an effort to decorate their houses and gardens. Southall is always quite lively but even more so during Diwali. It’s definitely something I recommend experiencing yourself.

PaySend: We’ll keep that in mind, thanks Nisha. Whilst we’re talking recommendations, where are the best places to eat in Southall?

Nisha: Now you’re testing me. It’s so hard to choose, as Southall is known for having the best Indian restaurants in London. Saravanaa Bhavan is great for authentic South Indian street food, like Dosa. Jalebi Junction is another favourite. Have you tried Jalebi before? It’s a traditional Indian sweet made by soaking deep fried batter in sugar syrup. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me.

PaySend: Sounds delicious! Great, now would you mind telling us how you came across PaySend?

Nisha: I was complaining about the inconvenience of having to go to the bank and that everything takes so long, not just the transactions but the queuing too. One of my colleagues said they had friends using the PaySend app and had heard really good things. I did some research and decided to try it out. I haven’t looked back since.

PaySend: What do you like most about PaySend and would you recommend it to others?

Nisha: I find PaySend so easy and convenient for making and receiving international money transfers. Unlike with traditional methods, it’s quick and convenient. I love that I can make transactions from my mobile and don’t have to worry about high fees. I can send money directly to any bank account in India for only £1 and this is really amazing. You wouldn’t believe how much money I’ve saved since I’ve started using PaySend!

I’d definitely recommend it to other people wanting to simplify sending money home. I’ve already recommended it to a couple of my new colleagues, who also have family living abroad. I think people can feel a little nervous about using new apps and money services but with PaySend, I have peace of mind knowing my money is secure.

PaySend: That’s great to hear Nisha. We’re so pleased you’ve found our app and services so useful and we hope the friends you’ve recommended it to find it just as valuable. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you all the best with your consultancy job and hope you continue to enjoy London and all it has to offer.