24 December 2019

How to get your Paysend Christmas Bonus

Want to make your money go further this Christmas?

Paysend can help. We want to make it easier for everyone sending their money across borders to family and friends.

We’ll reward you for spreading the word — each friend you introduce to Paysend could add to your income.

Paysend’s ‘Refer a friend’ program is a fantastic way to help you get the most out of your transfers and earn money that can go towards funding your festivities.

So how does it work?

Paysend’s ‘refer a friend’ program is a great way to make the most of your transfers.

Whenever you refer a friend or family member, we’ll send you money as a reward for 12 transfers (starting with the second one) they make within 12 months of their registration. Every time your friend makes a transfer, you’ll earn £1, €1.50 or $2 in bonuses (or a similar amount depending on your Paysend registration country).

That means that if you introduce one friend to Paysend, you could make £12.

Ten friends would add up to £120, €180 or $240 worth of bonuses, leaving you with extra money in the bank.

How do I sign up?

The first thing you’ll need is a Paysend account — you can set one up here.

Once you’ve done that, open Paysend via browser or in the app, and go to the ‘Paysend Bonus’ section in your account. You’ll be able to see a unique invitation code that you can send to friends. Once you’ve sent this they’ll be able to join Paysend and make a first transfer for free.

They’ll start earning you funds from their second transfer, until they’ve made 12. If you’re already signed up to Paysend then you’ll be able to login and find ‘Paysend Bonus’ in your menu.

Is there a limit?

No — you’ll be able to invite as many friends or family members as you want! Just send them your activation code, which will never expire.

You’ll be able to credit your bonus money free of charge to any bank card. Minimum withdrawals are £5, €5 or $5. You still have time to invite your friends before Christmas, but don’t worry if you miss Santa: Our refer a friend program is all-year-round.

Questions? Get in touch with our customer support team and they’ll be happy to help.

If you’d like to find out more about our ‘refer a friend’ program and the countries it’s available then read our terms and conditions here.