How to send money to India

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How to send money to India

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India is a thriving hub with a diverse workforce powering the global economy. Around 20 million Indians work abroad around the world, and money sent home is an important resource for many Indian families. Indian expats need fast, secure and cheap global money transfer services to make sure their loved ones receive as much money as possible.

How can I send money to India?

There are many ways to make a money transfer to India, and services come at various speeds and prices. High street banks and remittance outlets are convenient for some, but can be expensive, meaning that less money is received in India when the transfer is made. On top of this, you will probably have to queue up in store, which will slow the whole process down. Online and in-app money transfers to India are faster and more convenient for both the sender and the recipient.

 Paysend offers a new, alternative way to send money to India from the UK or any other destination. Using the simple and secure Paysend app, users can easily send money to their loved ones in India. Paysend has over 1.4 million users, and India is one of the top destinations for money transfers on the Paysend platform. With Paysend, you can send money directly to any Indian bank account.

How much does it cost to send money to India?

Whereas many money transfer services charge large fees or take a percentage of the amount sent, it’s absolutely free to send money to bank accounts in India, no matter how much you want to send. So if you want to transfer money from the UK to India, it will never cost you a single penny to send it via Paysend.

How much will my recipient receive?

Paysend uses the mid-market exchange rate, and along with our low fees, this means that we provide some of the cheapest money transfers to India. You can find out exactly how much your recipient in India will receive on our website.

How long does it take to transfer money to India?

Most of our transfers arrive in India within a few seconds of being sent. The time it takes depends on your recipient’s bank’s processing times. In very extreme cases it can take up to three days. Download the Paysend app now to start sending money cheaply and quickly to India.



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