18 March 2020

Paysend launches transfers to Humo accounts

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched money transfers to Humo accounts in Uzbekistan!

Humo is a national current account provider created in 2019 to create greater flexibility in how Uzbek people can hold and spend their money. People sending money to Uzbekistan with Paysend Global Transfers can now make card-to-card transfers to Humo accounts as well as Uzcard accounts.

Sending money to a Humo card account with Paysend costs just £1 or €1.5 (or equivalent amount), no matter how much money you want to send. We use competitive exchange rates and display the amount that will be received before you hit ‘send’, so you’ll always know exactly how much will arrive at the receiving end. We want to make your money transfers as transparent as possible!

Paysend first launched money transfers to Uzbekistan in November 2019, and since the launch, tens of thousands of Paysend users from over 40 countries have used the platform to send money to Uzbekistan.

Head to the Paysend Global Transfers app now to send money to a Humo account, or visit our homepage to find out exactly how much your recipient will receive in Uzbekistan!