29 May 2020

What’s the best way to send money to Ghana?

The best way to send money to Ghana

Ghana is home to beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife and bustling cities. It has a rapidly growing economy, and benefits from over $2bn sent home every year from Ghanaians living abroad. In the USA, the UK and Brazil, the numbers of people from Ghana are in the hundreds of thousands.

When people are sending money back to Ghana from other countries they need simple and reliable money transfer methods to make sure that their money arrives quickly and safely.


How can I make a money transfer to Ghana?


A few years ago, the main way of sending money abroad involved visiting a high-street bank, remittance outlet or post office, and wiring money overseas with the help of a cashier.

But now, many people find it much easier to send money online to Ghana. Thanks to huge technological advances in recent years, you can send money more quickly and cheaply by simply using a smartphone app or web browser.   

Paysend is an online money transfer platform that lets users send money directly to cards or bank accounts in Ghana. We’re trusted by over 1.8 million customers to send their money safely to over 80 countries worldwide, and it’s our mission to give people fast, hassle-free and affordable money transfers!


How much does it cost to send my money to Ghana?


With Paysend, you can send money directly to a credit or debit card in Ghana for just £1 or €1.5 (or equivalent, depending on where you’re sending it from). So if you want to send money to Ghana from the UK, whether the transfer amount is £100 or £1000, the transfer fee will always be just £1.

Alternatively, if you want to transfer your money to a Ghanaian bank account there are no transfer fees at all when you send money using the Paysend platform!

Our low, transparent fees and excellent, competitive exchange rates make Paysend one of the cheapest options for sending money to Ghana.


How much will my recipient receive?


Paysend uses competitive exchange rates to make sure that your recipient gets as much of your money as possible. We’ll let you know exactly how much your recipient will receive before you confirm the transfer.

We’ve got a handy currency conversion tool on our homepage that’ll tell you exactly how much will be received in Ghana.


How long does it take to send money to Ghana?


Money sent using Paysend will usually reach the recipient in Ghana within a few minutes of being sent, although it could take up to three days working days if your recipient’s bank isn’t quite as quick as us at processing payments!

Download the Paysend app now to start sending money cheaply and quickly to Ghana.