13 December 2018

Why Chinese students love London

Why Chinese students love London

An interview with Zhang Wei, a London resident from China


It's really not a surprise that London tops almost every survey on the best cities for students to live in. Home to prominent educational institutions, London has something unique about it that makes it an amazing study-abroad destination. For decades, communities from all parts of the world have made the journey to London and have made this vibrant city their home.  The multicultural status of London coupled with its buzzing, eclectic, and lively atmosphere is an absolute delight in the truest sense.

Zhang was born in Suzhou, a beautiful city in China, but now calls London his home. PaySend interviewed Zhang to know more about his life in the capital and why he developed an admiration for this great city we all call London.

PaySend: Zhang, what brought you to London?

Zhang: I always had this desire to know the cosmopolitan nature of the world and what better city is there to live and to study in than London. I have spent my life dreaming of being here. I used to often marvel at this stunning city on the television when I was a kid, and always wanted to be a part of it. Fortunately, I was selected to the elite London School of Economics. And, here I am, sitting before you!

I am really happy that I made this wonderful decision to study in London. You learn everywhere you go in this mesmerising city. That is undoubtedly the best thing about this city and what makes it so special.

PaySend: What is the best thing that you like about London?

Zhang: London is one place where you get a fulfilling and amazing experience of living in a city. I walk around the streets in the mornings and everyone is active. I walk around in the nights and it is still the same. I love buzzing cities, and people in London walk with great pride and purpose. For me, it is the best thing about London. Moreover, the city accepts everyone and from all parts of the world with open arms. Amazing!

PaySend: How has London greeted you with food and nightlife?

Zhang: London is a paradise! I have friends from almost every part of the world at our institution. I have friends from India, Jamaica, and from London. We love eating out at the stalwart Chinese joints, Indian restaurants, traditional dim sum parlours, and the traditional London eateries. My favourite is Baozi Inn in Newport Court. This place has some really spicy and affordable crescent dumplings, smacked cucumber salad, and Dan Dan noodles.

I also love eating out at the Banana Tree in Soho - the Mango Chicken served there is heaven! Me and my friends also like the Sushi and Japanese charcoal-grilled dishes at the Roka Aldwych. San Carlo Cicchetti is another good place where we like to place our hands on seasonal and delicious Italian small plates. My personal favourite is the Hawksmoor, that has some of the best British dry-aged T-bone. And when we are done with the gluttony, we shake a leg or two too. LSE has the best nightlife.

PaySend: We heard that you like PaySend? Do your friends also use it?

Zhang: Actually,a friend recommended PaySend to me. He told me that PaySend can send money directly to UnionPay cards in China. PaySend is really easy and astonishingly quick. I can send money to my friends and family back home. It is all about convenience after all, isn't it? The best thing I like about PaySend if you ask me, is the convenience of transacting on the go and the flat low fee. Many of my friends like the PaySend app. We no longer have to deal with banks, long queues, high fees or frequent trips to collect cash at the banking branch. Nothing is easier than that!

PaySend: Thank you very much for your time, Zhang!