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Transfer money online to any Visa and Mastercard or to regular bank account* in Russia for only 49 RUB.

  • Authorized & regulated by the FCA
  • Trusted by over 1.4 million customers
  • Global 24-7 support
Fee per transaction:50.50 RUB, incl.
Delivery time: instant

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Fast, secure & low-cost way to send money to Russia

Send directly to Visa and Mastercard or to regular bank account* of any bank in Russia, including:
  • & many more

Available delivery methods in Russia

Send your money the way that suits you
  • Directly to bank cards

    Money delivered in RUB directly to any Visa and Mastercard in Russia.

    Paysend fee is 49 RUB.

    Money is usually transferred on the same day.

  • Directly to bank accounts

    Money delivered directly to any bank account in Russia.

    For transfers to bank accounts Paysend fee is 0 RUB until February 1, 2020.

    Money is usually transferred on the same day.

  • Paysend Link

    Recipient chooses how money delivered, you just need the recipient’s mobile number to make a transfer.

    Paysend fee is 49 RUB.

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Supported Countries

Paysend operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. Click one to send money there now!

Paysend Benefits

  • Global coverage

    We are delivering money into 70 countries and regularly opening new countries.

  • Fixed fee & best fx-rates

    We display the rate, the transfer fee and the amount for recipient, before making a transfer.

  • Variety of transfer methods

    Send your money the way that suits you – using bank cards & accounts, or just by mobile number via Paysend Link.

  • Instant processing

    All transfers are processed by Paysend within seconds.

  • Bank-level security

    All money transfers are certified by Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, FCA and are PCI DSS certified.

  • Global 24-7 support

    We are always there for you, day or night.

How to send money to Russia?

  1. Transfers to card account

    • Select “Send”
    • Choose country you want to send money to. In some countries, you can select multiple receiving currencies, select the receiving currency
    • Enter the amount you wish to send or specific amount for the recipient to receive
    • Depending on the chosen sending and receiving country we may ask to fill in the additional fields. That is a requirement of local legislation and/or local provider.
    • Enter recipient’s card details and select ‘Next’

    Top Tip: Using the camera icon to take a picture of the front of the card auto uploads the cards details, time saver!

    • Enter your card details and select ‘Next’

    Top Tip: Use the camera icon!

    • Enter your cards CVV/CVC code and select ‘Next’
    • Registration procedure may vary depending on our country, it can be either:

    a) 5-digit security code sent through a test transaction which will appear in your pending transactions list on your card statement, or
    b) 5-digit security code sent via SMS

    Please, enter the code into the relevant field

    • Input transaction description
    • Add a personal message to the transfer if you want!
    • Select ‘Confirm’

    That’s it! You have successfully made your first money transfer with Paysend.

  2. Transfers to bank account

    For some destinations Transfers to a regular bank account are available. Click on a tab “Transfer to account” in Recipient details section. Depending on a chosen Destination country you will be asked to enter an additional information for the Recipient. That is required by local legislation and regulatory rules. The process of completing a transaction is similar to Transfer to card account procedure.

  3. Exchange rate

    Your recipient’s card will be credited in a local currency of the destination country. Paysend displays the applicable exchange rate before you make a transaction. We use a mid-market exchange rate cutting out all intermediaries and providing the best possible value for our customers. Rates are changing on a daily basis or a few times during a day depending on the volatility of the currency exchange markets. However, you will see the amount you are sending and the exact amount your recipient will receive before making a transaction. This rate stays fixed after you complete your transaction to guarantee that your recipient will receive the exact amount promised.

  4. About us

    Paysend is a new generation money transfer platform on a mission to change how money is moved around the world.

    We have designed a solution that sends money faster, safer and easier for only £1, €1.50 or $2.

    No more cash, no more complicated forms to complete, no more bank account numbers, no more queuing and long trips to pick up the transfer. Just the 16-digit VISA or Mastercard number. Once you try us, you will never go back to transferring money the old way.

    Today we send money to over 70 countries and this list just keeps growing. We provide easy, fast, low-cost and convenient service to our customers around the world. Register now and start sending either from a website or via our mobile app.

    Paysend is a trading name of Paysend plc, registered in Scotland, United Kingdom. Company number SC376020. Registered office: Cluny Court John Smith Business Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY2 6QJ. Paysend plc is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA), Number 900004.

    Paysend is a registered ‘Visa Direct’ and ‘Mastercard MoneySend’ originating institution. All ‘transactions’ and ‘data’ are secured at the highest PCI DSS level 1 standards.

  5. Fees

    We charge a flat fixed fee per transfer regardless of the amount sent. Only £1 from the United Kingdom, €1.50 from Eurozone, $2 from the USA, $3 from Canada, 9 AED from United Arab Emirates, 49 RUB from Russia. For the full list of countries and fees check the calculator at the top of the landing page.

  6. Delivery time

    Transfers in Paysends system are processed immediately, while the delivery time depends on the recipient’s bank. In most cases money is delivered within minutes, rarely taking up to 3 business days depending on the recipient’s bank in the receiving country.

  7. Destination countries

    We transfer funds directly to recipients cards in more than 70 countries. We are adding new destinations for sending and receiving money on a regular basis - for the up-to-date list please check How it Works section - About Paysend - Supported Countries or click here

  8. How to register

    You need only your mobile phone number to register with Paysend. Please use mobile number of the country of your residence where you will be sending money from. You can register either through the website or our mobile app. See How it Works section - Getting Started - Sign Up and log in for more details.

  9. Supported card types

    Currently you can send a transfer to Visa and Mastercard cards for the majority of countries. You can also send transfers to UnionPay cards in China. We are working hard to add other card types.

  10. Security

    Keeping your money safe is our top priority. Paysend is fully compliant with a local regulation and requirements of countries where both senders’ and recipients’ cards are issued. We are also compliant with standards and rules of the international payment schemes - Visa Inc. and Mastercard Worldwide.