Transfers to bank accounts

• Select “Send”
• Choose the country you want to send money to (In some countries, you can select from multiple receiving currencies) • Select the desired receiving currency
• Enter the amount you wish to send, or the specific amount for the recipient to receive
• Depending on the chosen sending and receiving country we may ask you to fill in additional fields (This is a requirement of the local legislation and/or local provider) • Enter the recipients bank account details and select “Next”

Tip: Use the camera icon to take a picture of the front of the card to automatically upload the cards details

• Enter your card details and select “Next”

• Enter your cards CVV/CVC code and select “Next”
• The registration procedure may vary depending on your country. It will be either:

a) a 5-digit security code sent through a test transaction which will appear in your pending transactions list on your card statement, or
b) a 5-digit security code sent via SMS

• Enter the code into the relevant field • Input transaction description
• Add a personal message to the transfer if required • Select “Confirm”

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