What’s the best way to send money to Ghana from the US?

Paysend’s money transfer platform allows users to send money from the US to bank accounts or eligible Visa card accounts in Ghana.

Ghana is home to beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife and bustling cities that house hundreds of thousands. The country has a rapidly growing economy, but also benefits from over $2 billion received each year from Ghanaians living abroad. For instance, there are an estimated 235,000 immigrants from Ghana living in the US, some of which send money internationally to support loved ones still living in their home country.

This group needs simple and reliable money transfer methods when sending money back to Ghana to ensure their funds arrive quickly and safely to friends and family.

How can I make a money transfer to Ghana from the US?

A few years ago, the main way of sending money abroad involved visiting a physical bank branch, remittance outlet or post office, and wiring money overseas with the help of a cashier.

Now, people can send money in a quick and cheap way by using a smartphone app or web browser. Due to this convenience, many immigrant families are choosing digital methods to send money online from the US to Ghana.

Paysend is an online money transfer platform that lets users send money directly to bank accounts or eligible Visa® card accounts in Ghana.

How much does it cost to send my money to Ghana?

With Paysend, you can send money to a recipient in Ghana for just $2. Our low, transparent fees and excellent, competitive exchange rates make Paysend a cheap option for sending money to friends and family living in Ghana.

How much money will my recipient receive?

Our competitive exchange rates help to make sure that your recipient gets as much of your money transferred as possible. And we’ll let you know exactly how much your recipient will receive before you confirm the transfer.

Check out our currency conversion tool on our homepage to learn how much GHS your loved ones will receive in Ghana.

How long does it take to send money to Ghana?

Money sent using Paysend usually arrives to recipients in Ghana in close to real-time. However, it could take up to three business days if your recipient’s bank processing time isn’t quite as quick as ours!

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