6 luglio 2020

How to set up a bank account for your year abroad

How to set up a bank account for your year abroad

Spending time studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience that you should throw yourself into and try to make the most of every available opportunity. One major obstacle to this is if you start experiencing problems accessing, managing and spending your money. If this happens, you’ll stop having a good time pretty quickly.


What’s the solution?

A simple solution for students living abroad, whether in the UK or elsewhere, is by setting up a mobile bank account. This is an app linked with a debit card which gives you quick and easy access to your funds, wherever you are.

The Paysend Global Account is the perfect solution for students studying abroad, as it provides the perfect tool to enjoying your money without borders.


What are the benefits of Paysend’s Global Account?

The Paysend Global Account has been designed to make it easy and safe to hold, send and spend your money anywhere in the world.

  • Instantly add money to your account using your credit or debit cards or your bank account (or using the Bank of Mum and Dad!)
  • Convert your money into the currency of the country you’re studying in:
    • British pounds £
    • Euros €
    • American dollars $
    • Swiss francs Fr
    • Chinese yuan ¥
    • Polish zloty zł
    • Russian rubles ₽
  • Spend your money anywhere you want with the Paysend Mastercard, or using the equivalent in-app virtual card
  • Track your spending in the mobile app so you stay within budget
  • Freeze your card if you lose track of it
  • Send and receive money using the Global Account
Paysend Global Account

How do I set up a Paysend Global Account? 

Setting up a Paysend Global Account might be the easiest and quickest thing you do today. Simply download the app, complete our verification checks (which take just a few minutes), and order your Paysend card! It really is that simple!


About Paysend

Paysend is a global fintech disruptor on a mission to change the way that our users manage their money on a global scale. Our hugely popular Global Transfer service has over 1.9 Million users, and we have now made it even easier for globetrotters to hold, send and spend their money wherever they are with our brand new Global Account. Download it today to begin living a life without borders.