7 luglio 2020

Which European countries can you travel to this summer

Which European countries can you travel to this summer

Are you dreaming of a summer holiday in a far-off destination filled with sun, sand and blue skies, delicious food & drink, and unforgettable experiences? We thought so.

The only problem is, there are so many travel restrictions in place at the moment it’s difficult to know exactly where you can go.

The good news is, many countries are changing their lockdown conditions and allowing foreign tourists to enter their country for holidays - which is great news for sunseekers everywhere!


Which countries have eased their travel restrictions?

Before you start booking flights or hotels, you need to make sure you understand exactly what the lockdown situation is in different countries you’re interested in visiting. This is because some governments may not allow tourists to visit at the time you want to go, or may only allow tourists from ‘low-risk’ countries.

Here are five destinations that you should take a look at for your summer 2020 holiday:



European arrivals are allowed into France without the need to self-isolate, although a period of voluntary self-isolation is encouraged. Public transport is running more and more frequently, although face masks are mandatory. Shops, restaurants and bars have reopened, as well as beaches, parks and larger museums. A health certificate showing that the traveller does not have coronavirus may be needed when people arrive from certain countries.



The Greek prime minister declared that June 15th was the start of the international tourist season in Greece, which is when international flights to Athens and Thessanoliki began. Flights to other mainland airports and Greek islands started on July 1st. Tourists from high risk countries will be tested, and will face 7 days’ isolation for a negative result or 14 days’ isolation for a positive result. Many hotels, bars and restaurants across the mainland and islands have reopened, and domestic travel is permitted. 



Having reacted quickly to the coronavirus threat, Georgia managed to keep its infection rate very low, and as a result the Georgian government has been able to open most of its tourist infrastructure early. Georgia offers a cheaper alternative to many other European holidays, and borders reopened from July 1st to offer holidays with health measures to ensure a safe holiday for tourists.



Spain is one of the top destinations for holidays in Europe, and would be one of the hardest hit economies if there’s no travel allowed all summer. Thankfully for holidaymakers around Europe, Spain opened its borders from July. The procedures for entering Spain are different depending on where travellers arrive from, but Spain has a number of ‘bridges’ with countries, where no isolation is needed. In less-affected areas, bars and restaurants have already opened, and it’s expected that the rest will soon be allowed to follow suit, but with social distancing measures in place.



The Turkish government opened the country for international tourism from mid-June, and have allowed airlines to schedule non-essential international flights from this point. Domestic travel between cities is restricted, but this is expected to relax as more tourists go to Turkey. Measures vary across different provinces in Turkey, so it’s well worth checking which areas have the most freedom for tourists.

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