Paysend Secures $65 Million in Latest Investment Round, with Strategic Backing from Mastercard

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Paysend Secures $65 Million in Latest Investment Round, with Strategic Backing from Mastercard

Paysend, a leading player in the financial technology sector, has announced a significant milestone in its growth journey with the successful closure of a $65 million investment round. This latest funding injection, which includes strategic backing from global payments giant Mastercard, marks a pivotal moment for Paysend as it continues to expand its innovative cross-border payment solutions.

Concurrently, Paysend has established a strategic partnership with TelevisaUnivision, the largest Spanish language media company globally. This groundbreaking partnership targets the profitable money transfer market between the USA and Latin America routes, with Paysend's advertisements scheduled to appear on TelevisaUnivision's network for the next three years, amplifying Paysend's visibility and outreach within the Hispanic community in the USA.

In this funding cycle, current investors such as Infravia Growth Capital, One Peak, and Hermes GPE Innovation Fund have also participated, reaffirming their enduring confidence in Paysend's mission and growth trajectory.

Since its inception in 2017, Paysend has undergone rapid expansion, positioning itself with an integrated cross-border platform for businesses and consumers to tap into the $133 trillion market. Earlier this year, Paysend revealed strategic expansions, which included offering digital payments for Western Union's global consumer business.

This latest investment round builds upon Paysend's previous Series B funding, where the company secured $125 million to accelerate the expansion of its global payments platform. With this substantial backing, Paysend is poised to continue its journey towards financial inclusivity and innovation, reshaping the landscape of international money transfers.

About Paysend

Paysend emerges as a trailblazing innovator in the realm of global financial transactions, presenting an avant-garde platform that empowers individuals and businesses alike to effortlessly send money worldwide, regardless of currency or method. Originating in April 2017, Paysend has its roots in the UK but has rapidly expanded its influence across the globe, dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of international money transfers. Since its inception, Paysend has remained steadfast in its mission to streamline the process of financial transactions on a global scale.

Paysend's platform fosters seamless interoperability across various networks worldwide, encompassing major players such as Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay, and a diverse array of local payment schemes. With a diverse array of over 40 payment methods tailored to suit the needs of online SMEs, Paysend ensures accessibility and adaptability for businesses of all calibers.

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About Mastercard

Mastercard stands as an unparalleled leader in the realm of global financial services, offering an innovative suite of solutions that empower individuals and businesses alike to navigate the complexities of modern commerce with ease. With its inception dating back decades, Mastercard has evolved into a beacon of reliability and innovation, shaping the landscape of digital payments worldwide. Since its founding, Mastercard has remained steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing the way people transact, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to drive progress and prosperity.

Mastercard's expansive network spans continents, facilitating seamless transactions across borders and currencies. From traditional credit and debit cards to digital wallets and contactless payment solutions, Mastercard provides a comprehensive range of payment options tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers and merchants. With a presence in virtually every corner of the globe, Mastercard ensures accessibility and convenience for users across all walks of life.

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About TelevisaUnivision

TelevisaUnivision emerges as an influential leader in the realm of media and entertainment, offering a dynamic platform that connects audiences across the globe. With its origins deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Spanish language content, TelevisaUnivision has established itself as a powerhouse in the industry, dedicated to shaping the landscape of media and communication. Since its inception, TelevisaUnivision has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences worldwide.

TelevisaUnivision's platform fosters connectivity and engagement on a global scale, encompassing a wide array of media channels and platforms. From television broadcasts to digital streaming services, TelevisaUnivision offers a diverse range of content tailored to cater to the evolving preferences of its audience. With a robust presence in key markets across the Americas and beyond, TelevisaUnivision ensures accessibility and relevance for viewers of all background.

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