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Paysend Launches Breakthrough Advertising Campaign
Paysend Launches Breakthrough Advertising Campaign

The initial phase of the campaign will include two TV commercials, multiple TV program sponsorships, national and local radio advertising, podcast sponsorship, and extensive social and digital advertising, all in Spanish. With more than 60 TV commercials scheduled to air in the first week across the U.S., this campaign is poised to establish Paysend as a household brand within the Hispanic community.

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Paysend and RemotePass partner to offer instant payments to contractors globally
Paysend and RemotePass partner to offer instant payments to contractors globally

Through this partnership, Paysend will empower RemotePass with a new instant payout to cards feature for global payroll. This intuitive capability allows remote workers to receive payments swiftly and affordably by transferring funds directly to their local cards, ensuring an efficient and seamless payment experience and eliminating delays when managing payroll.

To take advantage of this service, remote workers only need to link a valid bank card, in their name, to RemotePass. Users will employ Mastercard or Visa rails to transfer money instantly and directly. With this streamlined process, there is no longer any payday uncertainty, removing the incursion of traditional SWIFT or intermediary bank fees. 90% of transfers are completed within 15 seconds or less.

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Paysend partners with Ontop to provide instant and cost-effective salary payments to millions of workers
Meeting modern payroll challenges
Meeting modern payroll challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated significant macro workforce trends, with remote working and digital nomadism fundamentally shifting where and how employers access labour. With all the world’s economies now fully reopened, global businesses are embracing the value of being able to hire workers and contractors remotely, regardless of their geographical location.

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