Power your instant global payments today

Send instant cross-border payments to accounts from anywhere to anywhere from $1.
Power your instant global payments today

Move money around the world with ease, convenience and confidence

Plug into Paysend’s Open Payment Network for fast access, global coverage, instant payment speed and low costs.

Unlock capital

Free up capital and credit the recipient's account in seconds.
Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Reduce your costs by 10x through a low processing fee and competitive FX rates.
Expand globally

Expand globally

Send payments globally to unlock new markets and opportunities.

Consolidate payments

Manage all your payment capabilities through one integration point.

Streamline operations

Remove operational complexity, multiple intermediaries and long payment chains.
Customize your experience

Customize your experience

Embed payments in your platform and control your user experience.

Take advantage of our instant global payment network

Send fast, low cost, and transparent payments to accounts through one API integration, powered by the Open Payment Network.

One integration for multiple use cases

Pay people, employees, suppliers and partners instantly to their accounts wherever you do business.
  • Financial Services
    Embed global payouts into your customer experience or workflow.
  • Marketplaces and platforms
    Disburse funds to users around the world when needed.
  • Global payroll
    Pay employees, freelancers and contractors using their preferred local payment method.
  • Vendor management and accounts payable
    Do business globally and make fast, secure payouts in any currency.

Paysend is trusted by over 9 million customers and operates in 170+ countries globally