Grow your business without borders

Grow with us - easily send money to over 170 countries, manage FX risks and use bulk payments to pay your staff and vendors. Everything, all from one account.
Grow your business without borders

Built for small and medium businesses

Paysend Business Payments solution allows your business to grow without borders, benefitting from affordable & transparent rates, fast global payments and high security - all accessed through one centralised platform. Our solution provides the tools you need to scale by offering all your preferred money transfer options, multi-currency accounts and instant payouts-to-cards.

International payment solution to make your business global

Faster and more secure payments

Get access to SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, ACH and 12 more local payment options.


Make instant and global payouts in-real time to all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard.

Bulk payments

One click - multiple payouts, easy to pay to your staff and contractors.
Business accounts

Business accounts

GBP or EUR account - open bank accounts for instant SEPA and Faster Payments transfers with payouts-to-cards capabilities.

Multi-currency accounts

One account + 38 currencies. Send payments in +170 countries, real exchange rates, no hidden fees.
Paysend ecosystem

Paysend ecosystem

One centralized and seamless Business Payments account synced with Paysend’s acquiring solution.

Free technical support

24/7 customer support is available to help quickly get your business up and running. Our technical experts will guide you through the simple onboarding and set-up process.

One platform for multiple use cases

Expand your business by entering new markets.
  • Payment services
    One centralised platform to meet your needs.
  • Marketing agencies
    Scale your business to new markets.
  • Payroll
    Pay easily at low cost.
  • Web and software agencies
    Global reach - multiple ways to receive and use funds.
Payment case study

Make payments in 38 currencies, allowing you to benefit from a competitive global market.

  • Experience fast & secure transfers
  • Avoid slow & expensive international payment methods
  • Have the ability to reach out to more suppliers
  • Competitive FX rates with no hidden rates

Make payouts to suppliers, partners, and employees faster and more affordably in 170+ countries.

  • Local account details for the UK, Europe, US and Canada
  • Multi-currency accounts in over 38 currencies

Fast onboarding process

Start making and receiving payments quickly with our simple onboarding and set-up process.


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