Invite your friends & get up to £12, 18€ or $24 for each of them in bonuses

Invite your friends

1. Find your unique invite code in your profile on the Paysend Bonus page.

2. Share the code with your friends.

3. Your friends should make their first transfer using your invite code.

You can invite as many friends as you want.

Earn bonuses

Receive bonuses for 12 successful transfers (starting with the second one) made by your friends. These 12 transfers may be made anytime within the first 12 months.

You will receive £1, 1.50€ or $2 per each transfer in bonuses (or a similar amount depending on your Paysend registration country), regardless of the frequency and the destination of your friend's transfers: they may be local or international.

Your Paysend Bonus balance will be topped up with bonuses. 1 bonus = £1, 1€, $1 (or a similar amount depending on your Paysend registration country). For the avoidance of doubt, only fund transfers made to other individuals' bank cards with a service fee paid to Paysend are qualified for rewards.

Benefit your friends

Each of your invited friends who uses the invite code when making a transfer, will get a fee waiver (for their first successful transfer).

Each of your friends will get access to instant transfers at a favourable exchange rate.

Each of your friends will be able to invite their own friends and receive Paysend bonuses.

How can I spend my bonuses?

Bonuses can be transferred without any fees to a bank card in pounds, euros, dollars or another currency, depending on which country you’re registered in. The minimum transfer amount is £ 5, 5 € or $ 5.

To withdraw your bonus funds, follow these steps:

1. Go to Profile.

2. Select Paysend Bonus.

3. Press Withdraw Paysend bonuses, and follow the instructions.

4. A button to withdraw your bonus will appear in your profile only when bonus funds are available in your account balance.

Currently, all Paysend customers can participate in the Paysend Bonus loyalty program, except customers from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Armenia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, India, Philippines and Malaysia.