Introducing the all-new Paysend app

Great App

We’re delighted to reveal the all-new Paysend app, where you can enjoy all of Paysend’s amazing features in one place. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s on offer:

Multi-currency wallet

In the new Paysend app you can hold up to 8 different currencies in your multi-currency wallet, and switch instantly between them. Plus, you can link your Paysend card to them and spend like a local when you’re abroad.

These are the currencies that are supported:

  • British pounds £
  • Euros €
  • American dollars $
  • Swiss francs Fr
  • Chinese yuan ¥
  • Polish zloty zł
  • Russian rubles ₽
  • Czech koruna Kč

Money Transfers

Just like in the previous Paysend app, you can send money quickly and cheaply across borders. Depending on where you’re sending from, you can send money to up to 128 countries globally.

Our prices are the same - it costs just £1, €1.5 or $2 to send money abroad.

You can also request money from people abroad, just link in Paysend Link. But now, as an additional feature, you can spend the money that you receive!

Paysend physical and virtual cards

You can now spend your Paysend balance online or in-store with your plastic and virtual cards.

You can order a Paysend Mastercard which can be used abroad like a local with low fees when you link one of your currency wallets to it. Plus, you can withdraw your funds from an ATM.

The Virtual Card is perfect for online purchases - simply head to the app and use the details when you’re shopping online.

From within the app, you can stay in control of your spending with real-time notifications, as well as instantly freeze and unfreeze your card in case you misplace it.

Sort code & account number

We understand that it’s much easier to manage your money when you’ve got a sort code and account number, because lots of organisations will ask for this when you’re dealing with them! 

That’s why for UK customers we’ll give you a sort code and account number for your Paysend account.

Funding your account

We’ve still got lots of flexibility in how you can fund your account. This can be through:

  • Your card
  • Your bank
  • Paysend bonuses

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them by visiting our Help Centre.