22 July 2020

How to transfer money to Spain

How to transfer money to Spain

There are currently over 2 million Spanish citizens living and working abroad, and there are vibrant communities that celebrate Spanish culture across Europe, North America and South America.

Many people who have moved away from Spain have travelled to follow professional and educational opportunities, and they often send money home to friends and family in Spain.

Spanish expats making money transfers need a fast, affordable and easy-to-use platform to make sure that their loved ones receive as much as possible, with the best exchange rates and in the quickest time!


How can I send money to Spain?

There are two main options for sending money to Spain - online or offline transfers. If you want to send offline with the help of a cashier, you’ll need to head to a high-street bank, money transfer outlet location or post office. However, this can be more expensive and take a lot longer than an online method.

Going online means that you use a smartphone app or web browser platform to send your money to Spain. These can be much faster and more convenient for both you and your recipient, as you can do it yourself from home and cut out the middle men. This may save you a lot of time and money!

Paysend is a fast, low-cost and convenient way to send money online to Spain. Using the clear and simple Paysend app, you can cheaply and quickly send money to loved ones in Spain at the touch of a button, all from the comfort of your own home!

If you want to discover what our 2 million customers think of Paysend, check out our 11,000 reviews on Trustpilot - 89% of people have rated us as ‘excellent’!

With Paysend you can send money either to a bank account or directly to a credit or debit card in Spain using just a name and a card number, so you can choose how you want your recipient to receive the money!  


How much does it cost to send money to Spain?

If you want to send money to a bank account in Spain, you can do this with zero transfer fees using Paysend.

Alternatively, if you want to send money directly to a card account, it costs only £1, $2 or €1.50 (or equivalent) to send money online to Spain with Paysend, no matter how much you want to transfer. Our low fees mean that your recipients will have even more money to spend! For example, if you want to send £100 or £1,000 from the UK to Spain, it will cost you £1 either way.


How much will my recipient receive?

Paysend uses excellent, competitive exchange rates, and along with our low fees we provide some extremely cheap money transfers to Spain. You can find out exactly how much your recipient in Spain will receive on our homepage.


How long does it take to transfer money to Spain?

Money sent using Paysend will usually reach the recipient in Spain within a few minutes of being sent, although it could take up to three days working days if your recipient’s bank isn’t quite as quick as us at processing payments!

Download the Paysend app now to start sending money to Spain!