Tips for travelers: exchange money with Paysend


When deciding to travel abroad, many people create a checklist to make sure they pack important items like a passport, proof of vaccinations and spare underwear. Something many people forget to add to their list is an easy way to access funds internationally.

Advancements in technology have provided us with the ability to simplify everyday tasks. For instance, when traveling abroad, you no longer check in to the airport early to print out your boarding pass. Today, travelers can access a plane ticket through an app or online at any point that they wish to.  

Even spending as a traveler has become far less of a hassle! Thanks to online money transfer platforms such as Paysend, there is no longer a need to visit foreign currency exchange outlets at the airport.

Paysend’s platform not only gives users access to low fees and close to real-time transfers, but it also provides the opportunity to view up-to-date currency exchange rates, providing travelers with more transparency when preparing to spend or send money abroad.

Using our app can eliminate the need for any last-minute trips to the ATM or high banking exchange rates. We are here to help you manage your finances quickly and efficiently, enabling users to spend like a local wherever they travel.    

How does foreign currency exchange work?

Foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating. With the global economy open 24/7, 365 days a year, money never sleeps. As economies around the world experience inflation and deflation, the value of one currency to another continues to move up and down every day.  

Tips to remember when exchanging currency

  1. Avoid exchanging currency at shops and kiosks in the airport – these types of currency exchange services often charge a hefty service fee with higher exchange rates.
  2. Use an online digital money movement platform for an affordable and hassle-free solution to send, spend and save money abroad.
  3. Remember to gain full transparency when using our currency conversion tool online or via our app.

How much does it cost to send money internationally from the US?

When sending money from the US with Paysend, it only costs $2!  

How long does it take to transfer money from the US?

95% of all Paysend transfers reach their intended recipient in close to real-time. Our platform boasts over 6 million users across 150 countries, allowing them to send funds in 38 different currencies at any time. 

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