Send money for no-fee with Paysend this Father’s Day

Paysend helps customers show appreciation for dads this Father’s Day with zero-fee money transfers.

Our fathers hold a particularly special place in our hearts. They are often the hard-working, unassuming patriarch of the family and the reliable person that we all lean on in our everyday lives.

Father’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate our dads and remind them just how important they are.

The ability to connect with our loved ones has been difficult over this past year. As many families have been unable to get together in person, we have been forced to come up with new and inventive ways of reaching out and enjoying each other’s company – even within our own families.

After the past year, it is especially important to take time to acknowledge those family members who may go unnoticed. Let's treat our dads with a special surprise and connect no matter how far apart we might be.

To encourage all of us to be more thoughtful and celebrate those who give us strength, guidance, and support when we most need it, here are our top 5 gift ideas to ensure that this Father’s Day, our dads feel loved and appreciated for all of their hard work and selfless acts of kindness.

Some tasty treats

Treat Dad to his guilty food pleasures or beverage of preference.

If there’s one thing that we can count on it’s that our dads appreciate good food and often take pleasure in a cold drink at the end of a hard day’s work.

Why not treat him to either a bottle of his favorite red wine or liquor or experiment with a case of craft beer? It may be a simple gesture, but it’s an enjoyable way to check in!

If your dad is alcohol-free, here are some great alternatives:

● A selection of cheeses, jams, or chutneys to spread over biscuits or crackers, perfect for a summer afternoon.

● A basket of alcohol-free craft drinks, a selection of delicious chocolates or a classic combination of chips and salsa.

Music for the man

Book tickets online for streaming concerts or festivals.

We have all missed the ability to enjoy live music in person. Quarantine restrictions have meant popular tours have been cancelled or put on hold. Yet music can be so therapeutic, and whether we believe him or not, Dad always says he has the best musical taste in the family!

Why not visit a variety of streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music to see if there is a live-streamed event that Dad might fancy listening to from the comfort of his own home?

Something special for our sports stud

Jerseys, sports gear or sporting memorabilia can be a great treat for our fanatical fathers.

If your father loves anything sports-related, you can’t go wrong with a jersey with his name on the back. Another good option is a piece of sports memorabilia that holds sentimental value – something he can prop up by his bedside or use to decorate his private study or space!

Active gear, such as running shoes, headphones or golf equipment, is also a great way to encourage him to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Grooming essentials for our gentleman

Grooming essentials such as colognes, shampoos or shaving balm can help him spruce up.

Our dads deserve to look and feel good, and you can’t go wrong with an essential grooming accessory. Colognes, shaving balms and oils will help to revitalize his appearance and show him off as the stylish, sophisticated man he is always bragging to be…

Transferring money to celebrate dad

Times have been tough recently, but we are positive that this year we will see impactful change and a return to a sense of normality.

While we might not be able to visit our families and provide that much-needed support in person, here at Paysend we want to offer a helping hand in celebrating Father’s Day.

By helping you transfer funds safely and securely to those you care for most, we can work to alleviate unwanted stress and honor our dads with the always appreciated monetary gift!

Use the code DAD21 to transfer money with zero-fees until midnight on June 21st, 2021.


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