2 December 2020

Ways to Improve Mental Wellbeing and Financial Health During COVID-19

Quarantine may help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but strict practices can cause strain on mental and financial health.

One of the main priorities for nearly all Americans right now is keeping themselves and their loved ones safe from contracting COVID-19. In order to do this, people are spending more time in isolation and avoiding crowds in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

As the US experiences an increase in case rates, many states may revert back to measures put in place during early days of the pandemic, such as government-mandated quarantine. While this may be the safest option to help prevent the spread of the virus, these practices can cause strain on mental and financial health.


Take care of your mental wellbeing

Prior to COVID-19, 8.5% of American adults reported feeling depressed. That number has since tripled as people continue to navigate these uncertain times.

To combat rising mental health issues, it is essential people have a way of staying connected with friends and family even if physical gatherings are not an option. Video conferencing technology like Zoom offers a way to virtually see loved ones living abroad to provide a sense of comfort needed to get through difficult times.

While most people would love to spend endless hours on video calls with friends and family, differing time zones and other barriers can make it difficult to find time to connect with those living internationally.

If you find yourself continuing to spend time alone in quarantine, 63.6% of people report meditation being a great tool to help with anxiety and depression. Headspace and Calm are some of the top apps that can help guide you through meditation practices to improve your mental wellbeing.


Support the financial health of loved ones abroad

Unfortunately, mental health issues are not the only impact brought on by social distancing and quarantine. Many people both in the US and internationally have suffered financial strain due to job losses and furloughs caused by a decrease in demand in many industries.

In fact, officials continue to see a correlation between the rise in unemployment rates as COVID-19 cases spike.

We know many expats living and working in the US that financially support loved ones, so here at Paysend, we’re focused on making it simple for users to support friends and family abroad through affordable and timely global money transfers.

Throughout the pandemic, our team has been able to support hundreds of thousands of people living away from their families in countries like the US, Philippines, Nigeria and more.

As the US continues to experience higher rates of COVID-19 and states issue mandatory quarantines, Paysend pledges to help people stay connected with their loved ones living apart.

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