16 February 2021

Why US Immigrants and Expats Use Paysend for International Money Transfers

Why US Immigrants and Expats Use Paysend for International Money Transfers

Here at Paysend, customer feedback is an essential part of what we do. Our customers’ opinions play a massive role in helping us to improve and make our service even better for all of our users. Plus, our team loves to hear the inspirational stories of the people using Paysend to send money abroad to their loved ones!

Having launched in the US last year, we conducted a survey amongst our customers living in the US to find out what they like about Paysend. Here’s what they had to say.


Why customers use Paysend for international money transfers

At Paysend, it’s our mission to help people stay connected to loved ones living internationally through the power of money transfers. With continued social distancing and limited travel, we’re glad to see that, since launch in the US in September 2020, 46% of our US customers use Paysend to provide financial support to their loved ones abroad.

Our services span to over 70 countries when transferring money from the US, with most of our US customers sending to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and many other countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.


US customers’ favorite Paysend features

Directly from our customers’ mouths, transferring money internationally with Paysend is:

  • Easy: We offer a user-friendly platform that people of all ages can easily navigate. “No-hassle transfers in minutes. [Paysend has an] easy-to-navigate menu with quick transactions.”
  • Inexpensive: We charge a flat fee of just $2. “Easier and cheaper to use than Western Union and MoneyGram and the customer service is actually helpful.”
  • Fast: Our transfers arrive to recipients in close to real-time. The only thing that can slow us down is a recipient’s bank processing time. “So far this is the fastest way for me to transfer my money to someone I care about.”
  • Convenient: Our app can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or computer and can be used to send money from the US to over 70 countries abroad. “Of all money transfer services, this is the most convenient and fastest.”
  • Secure: As a regulated financial institution, we do everything we can to make sending and receiving money as secure as possible. “[Paysend offers] simplicity and consistent error-free transfers with ample security.”
  • Supportive: Paysend’s help center is available to all new and existing users to ask questions, share feedback and more. “Customer service responds fast and is helpful!”

“I’ve been looking for a service like this for a long period of time, and now I have it. It’s simple and just works.” Our team is always striving to provide the best possible help to all users and we’re happy to connect with customers on a personal level to learn how we can continue improving.

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